Stop adding calendar events yourself

Let AI do it for you in one click. Just forward any thread to, and AI will do the rest.

A Simple Personal AI Calendar Assistant

Stop dealing with bloated products and features. Just forward emails from your inbox, and see them appear in your Google Calendar.

Simplify Your Scheduling

Imagine never having to manually input another calendar event. fwd2cal automates this by using AI to interpret your emails and generate calendar events for you.

Just forward your email to and let our AI take care of extracting the necessary details like date, time, location, and attendees.
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Use Multiple E-mail Addresses

Most people have multiple email addresses (work, life, volunteer, etc.) - no problem!

You can use multiple different email addresses to add events to your calendar.

Just email "add" to - and fwd2cal will take care of the rest!

Privacy by Design

E-mails should stay confidential. That is why fwd2cal stores no emails. Don't trust it? Feel free to look at the source code yourself.

No Data Storage

Emails and events are processed by AI, but never stored to ensure your privacy. No details are stored, or logged

Only your e-mail address

The only data that fwd2cal stores is your email addresses. That's it. Not even the email addresses of your guests are stored.

Trusted Subprocessors

fwd2cal uses only uses reputable sub processors like Google, OpenAI and SendGrid for necessary operations.

Open Source

Don't trust fwd2cal with your sensitive e-mails? Feel free to host it yourself. The source code is available and it runs on Firebase.

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Signup by sending an email to

That's it. Just send an email. You'll get a link to authorise your Google calendar. Fwd2cal is private and secure.

Pricing: It's free (for now)


Free for now

Google calendar support
Send from multiple e-mail addresses
Free until I get fed up with cost and support

$? per year

If this ever get's too popular and it costs too much to run, I'll maybe start charging for it.

Open Source

Looking for a new feature? Want to self host? The source is available under the Apache 2.0 Licence.
View the Source on Github